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>:-( Soundbank : Jankenpopp 666 :-)

\\ mercredi 30 août 2006
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This soundbank is compatible with most Midi-sequencers (such as fruity loops), and Midi-players, on PC and Mac.
As usual with my work, feel free to use it ,-)

Soundbank type : One-shots
Version : 1.0.1
Engineer : Jankenpopp
license : Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0

About this soundfont :

Created for Abstractmachine's ^3 (“cubed”);
A musical sequencer integrated into a real Rubik’s Cube®.

Like most of my interactive/musical instrument work, I’m working against the idea that a musician has to create music digitally — algorithmically — while sitting behind a laptop.
The listeners should be given some hook to attach them to what the musician is doing: at least a videoprojection if we must generate behind a screen. What are they doing back there, playing iTunes? I’m also poking fun at the over-programmed nature of many of the current electronic tools that pass for high-tech instruments.
For, trying to “program” a Rubik’s Cube, as anyone knows, is not an easy matter. So while one might be freed of the obscur interface (everyone understands a Rubik’s Cube), each permutation screws up permutations on the other faces, making the musical progression a true art to master.

- Abstractmachine.

Cubed + 666 SoundBank Demo :

Geek Master Doug' showing his installation to some Blogger in San Jose (california).

Downloads (PC/MAC) :

  • Download the soundfont and check infos here
  • A tutorial for Macosx users.

  • Sorry for windows and linux users, I don't use this plateforms to work, so I can't make a good documentation but, if you want to help me to make some PC tutorials, you're welcome ;)

    Soundfont links :

  • Soundfonts article on wikipedia :
  • Soundfonts tutorial and links (french) :
  • Free tool for playing MIDI files with soundfonts : Synth Font (windows)
  • Some VST effects, soundfont compatible : KX77FREE (Windows)
  • Another Free VST for windows, soundfont compatible : Paax (Windows)
  • Free soundfont VST, I use it sometimes : Crystal Synth (Mac)

  • Rubik's Cube links :

  • Wikipedia article :
  • How to became a Rubik's cube Masta (french) :

  • :-)

    And if you like this soundfont... bla bla bla...
    Just leave me a message on the contact page.

    Have fun !

    >:-( The Mashup Machine version 1.0 :-)

    \\ mardi 29 août 2006
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    >:-( SuperJump Printer :-)

    \\ mardi 1 août 2006
    \\\ , , ,

    A tool to make your own covers for your Superjump albums (.jpg) !!

    Feel free to make covers for your hype, shitty IDM style band. If you use it that way, just remember to put the link where you found this tool (here), so everyone can use it ;)
    thank you.

    Download (mac osx) :

    Maded by Jankenpopp for SuperJump.
    Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0.


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