This soundbank is compatible with most Midi-sequencers (such as fruity loops), and Midi-players, on PC and Mac.
As usual with my work, feel free to use it ,-)

Soundbank type : One-shots
Version : 1.0.1
Engineer : Jankenpopp
license : Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0

About this soundfont :

Created for Abstractmachine's ^3 (“cubed”);
A musical sequencer integrated into a real Rubik’s Cube®.

Like most of my interactive/musical instrument work, I’m working against the idea that a musician has to create music digitally — algorithmically — while sitting behind a laptop.
The listeners should be given some hook to attach them to what the musician is doing: at least a videoprojection if we must generate behind a screen. What are they doing back there, playing iTunes? I’m also poking fun at the over-programmed nature of many of the current electronic tools that pass for high-tech instruments.
For, trying to “program” a Rubik’s Cube, as anyone knows, is not an easy matter. So while one might be freed of the obscur interface (everyone understands a Rubik’s Cube), each permutation screws up permutations on the other faces, making the musical progression a true art to master.

- Abstractmachine.

Cubed + 666 SoundBank Demo :

Geek Master Doug' showing his installation to some Blogger in San Jose (california).

Downloads (PC/MAC) :

  • Download the soundfont and check infos here
  • A tutorial for Macosx users.

  • Sorry for windows and linux users, I don't use this plateforms to work, so I can't make a good documentation but, if you want to help me to make some PC tutorials, you're welcome ;)

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