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Legend of Vespa Woman (2004)
3d research for 8=8 live set.

Engine N°2 (2004)
About love...

Land$kapes (2004)
Generative image, no interaction.
Nice when it's played with Unrythmic Sounds.

Tone II (2004)
Generative, no interaction.

KillDAD II (2004)
Ambient way to kill your dad.

My Own Summer (2004)
About my own summer.

Noise Head (2004)
I don't like this one.

Fake Fish (2004)
Joke about Computer Arts.

Janken Blocks 2.0 (Brit edition) (2003)
Video Montage in Tetris Style.
This is a small version with Britney.

Komba Bot (2003)
Fighting Video game musical interface for Nasty Djs.
Special moves like in Tekken and Street fighter II are available.

Teen Movies II (2003)
about love too...

Funky Lunch (2003)
Video game style sequencer.
This is my first program.

Nimoloop (2003)
A Nanoloop style sequencer.
I think it has nothing to do with arts but... it's so cute.

Codées (2003)
My first hand maded html page...
Jodi... ;)