Futur2012 exhibition

Friday June 20th, opening of the exhibition 'Futur 2012'
starting at 21 o'clock @ Hladilnica gallery.

For the six last months, the french multimedia artist Jankenpopp is living and working in Maribor as part of the program 'artist in residence' initiated by the collective La Vitrine.
His transdisciplinary artistic background allowed him to experiment and integrate the local cultural scene with high skills and mobile approaches.

For the end of his residence, the artist develops the project Futur 2012 as a site specific video installation which questions the nature of Pekarna cultural center as a social, comunity and artistic complex.
During one month, the artist proposes to video tape people he comes across, with a systematic close-up point of view on their faces. A contract of exclusivity video right is then signed (with the left hand) for each of these portraits.
The french written contract (therefore incomprehensible for most of the people) stimulates voluntarly the curiousity of people and yet becomes a communication medium.
To sign and to self tape involves the participant on a personnal and symbolic level all at once in the exhibition itselves.
Elaborated as a 3 channels video clock, the installation will finaly confront these video faces collection and will operates as a pretext to come together with every people involved on this project.

La Vitrine