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>:-( Performance = TracteurNi$troy :-)

\\ jeudi 10 avril 2008


TnS is a visual/sound performance mixing noisy vocals, feedback, non-linear pulses, arrhythmic beats, distorted sound loops, unintelligible dialogue, and spooky algorithmic effects.

Presentation of this performance @t: ΞLΞkTr()N()iZΞc()nCΞrT!!
also with Franz Fjöder (NL) and Amore Mio (SLO).
10th of April 2008
Club Supernova.

>:-( Processing Workshop :-)

\\ lundi 7 avril 2008
\\\ ,


From April 7th until April 10th 2008, I propose an open & free workshop about computer arts and programing at Hlaldilnica Gallery, Pekarna Kulturni Center (slo). Feel free to contact me if you wish to attend this workshop or for further infos.

> During the first day (April 7th), starting at 10 o'clock, we will get to know basics of computer programming in visual context, using free-license software Processing.

Processing is an open source project initiated by C.E.B Reas and Benjamin Fry, formerly of the Aesthetics and Computation Group at the MIT Media Lab. It is "a programming language and integrated development environment (IDE) built for the electronic arts and visual design communities".

> During the second day, we will focus on interfaces, getting to know how to use tools such as webcams, controlers, sound analysis, network connections through Processing plateform in order to create dynamics and interactive works.

> During third and fourth days, with these basics that workshoppers will have allready in mind, we will go crazy on experimentations.

The workshop will end on 10th evening,
and workshopppers will be invited to present
their final visual/sound experimentations
during the Experimental/NOISE party at Supernova
on april 10th @ Pekarna Kulturni center.

The workshop will be in english,
people should come with a computer,
Windows, Mac or Linux.