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>:-( news news news :-)

\\ vendredi 5 décembre 2008

  • J'ai été adopté par le collectif Freesson :-)
  • Je participe à une résidence qui va se dérouler à la Gare de Coustelet en février ( +d'infos +tard )
  • J'ai fait un remix pour Meneo, qui va bientôt sortir.
  • Demain je vais au Téléthon.
  • >:-( my wiimote inside a wurst :-)

    \\ mardi 2 septembre 2008

    Scanned & colored drawing, 2008.

    >:-( Smocking habit (part 2) :-)

    \\ samedi 16 août 2008
    \\\ ,

    >:-( Excerpt from Audiovisual performance => Futur1985 :-)

    \\ samedi 26 juillet 2008

    >:-( PERFORMANCE = National gallery of Maribor :-)

    \\ mardi 24 juin 2008

    Video/Noise Performance Umetnostna GalerijaVideo/Noise Performance Umetnostna Galerija

    21th of June 2008 = Second Presentation of FUTUR1985 performance for the birthday of the national art gallery Maribor(slo).

    >:-( Solo exhibition = FUTUR2012 :-)

    \\ mercredi 11 juin 2008

    Futur2012 exhibition

    Friday June 20th, opening of the exhibition 'Futur 2012'
    starting at 21 o'clock @ Hladilnica gallery.

    For the six last months, the french multimedia artist Jankenpopp is living and working in Maribor as part of the program 'artist in residence' initiated by the collective La Vitrine.
    His transdisciplinary artistic background allowed him to experiment and integrate the local cultural scene with high skills and mobile approaches.

    For the end of his residence, the artist develops the project Futur 2012 as a site specific video installation which questions the nature of Pekarna cultural center as a social, comunity and artistic complex.
    During one month, the artist proposes to video tape people he comes across, with a systematic close-up point of view on their faces. A contract of exclusivity video right is then signed (with the left hand) for each of these portraits.
    The french written contract (therefore incomprehensible for most of the people) stimulates voluntarly the curiousity of people and yet becomes a communication medium.
    To sign and to self tape involves the participant on a personnal and symbolic level all at once in the exhibition itselves.
    Elaborated as a 3 channels video clock, the installation will finaly confront these video faces collection and will operates as a pretext to come together with every people involved on this project.

    La Vitrine

    >:-( PERFORMANCE NIGHT = FUTUR 1985 :-)

    \\ mercredi 11 juin 2008

    Friday June 13th, Futur 1985 / a performance night @ Medianox – Maribor
    + Electronic live-set by Fenshu

    Throughout M.F.R.U. Multimedia Festival 2008, collective La Vitrine will propose a uninhibited selection of performance works.
    Since the collective La Vitrine simply enjoy digital art events that smell like sweat, they will propose a real physical point of view intentionally out-stepped from finality of new medias.
    Installation by T'M in dialog with performances by Jankenpopp and Pierre Andrieux will fairly propose a physical confrontation towards new media machines. Futur 1985 proposes to discover a full contact interactions with these 3 works based on new, generative and dynamic tools.
    Audience will be invited to attempt to this both responding and expressive art configuration in which digital and performative dimensions overlap.

    La Vitrine

    >:-( Musikmekanikcirkus compilation :-)

    \\ mardi 27 mai 2008

    22 killers tracks of collage noise electro idm breakcore about more or less cartoon and cirkus.... from old avant garde artist like Maurice Lemaitre to young newcomers such as Jankenpopp... !!!
    And a wonderfull cover by Dr Petiot !!!

    01 - Frank Zapagogo - Intro (you're no fun anymore)
    02 - Buttress O'Kneel - Uncle Lover
    03 - Company Fuck - Enabled Midget Clown Death master
    04 - Cock E.S.P. - Told You I Was Terrible
    05 - An On Bast - Pee Ko Ta
    06 - Randomatik Blast - Mr Bungle Expects Breakcore
    07 - Dj Balli - Boy Scouts of America by John Philip Sousa
    08 - J Chot - Loudnope
    09 - Sgure - LeahscooKieGARrcling
    10 - Alfredtoc - Buy More And Be Happy
    11 - Chlorgeschlecht - Chloro Kidso
    12 - Erruer - Brise Glace master
    13 - Jankenpopp - Rougailles & Pirouettes
    14 - Fronce de bonque - My mouth is not a cathedral
    15 - Le Crabe - Je Veux Aller Au Cirque
    16 - Fat Boy Shit - FatBoyThief Mashup No 5
    17 - Les Sécrétions Romantiques - Shame
    18 - Kamikaze Dead Boy - Eating at Antonio's Burgerstand
    19 - Klatentwiz - Kloink Street
    20 - DJ Urine - Circus Ov Hell
    21 - Maurice Lemaitre - L'Ascension Du Phoenix MB
    22 - Jacqueline - Finale

    Much infos and online ordering ($$$) here.
    thx Musikmekanikcirkus :-)


    \\ jeudi 8 mai 2008
    \\\ ,

    MAY 8th 2008
    Very nice lineup :-)
    LINXXX = &

    >:-( Performance = TracteurNi$troy :-)

    \\ jeudi 10 avril 2008


    TnS is a visual/sound performance mixing noisy vocals, feedback, non-linear pulses, arrhythmic beats, distorted sound loops, unintelligible dialogue, and spooky algorithmic effects.

    Presentation of this performance @t: ΞLΞkTr()N()iZΞc()nCΞrT!!
    also with Franz Fjöder (NL) and Amore Mio (SLO).
    10th of April 2008
    Club Supernova.

    >:-( Processing Workshop :-)

    \\ lundi 7 avril 2008
    \\\ ,


    From April 7th until April 10th 2008, I propose an open & free workshop about computer arts and programing at Hlaldilnica Gallery, Pekarna Kulturni Center (slo). Feel free to contact me if you wish to attend this workshop or for further infos.

    > During the first day (April 7th), starting at 10 o'clock, we will get to know basics of computer programming in visual context, using free-license software Processing.

    Processing is an open source project initiated by C.E.B Reas and Benjamin Fry, formerly of the Aesthetics and Computation Group at the MIT Media Lab. It is "a programming language and integrated development environment (IDE) built for the electronic arts and visual design communities".

    > During the second day, we will focus on interfaces, getting to know how to use tools such as webcams, controlers, sound analysis, network connections through Processing plateform in order to create dynamics and interactive works.

    > During third and fourth days, with these basics that workshoppers will have allready in mind, we will go crazy on experimentations.

    The workshop will end on 10th evening,
    and workshopppers will be invited to present
    their final visual/sound experimentations
    during the Experimental/NOISE party at Supernova
    on april 10th @ Pekarna Kulturni center.

    The workshop will be in english,
    people should come with a computer,
    Windows, Mac or Linux.

    >:-( Compilation = Breakcore Show Volume II :-)

    \\ lundi 31 mars 2008
    \\\ , ,

    Much infos & order here = &


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